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Nine Steps to Taking Back the Earth (for Pagans)

Pemberton Hills at Dawn by Jack Wolf
Nine Steps to Taking Back the Earth (for Pagans)
by Cassandra Wolf  © 2011

Reclaim Your PowerBy finding, recognizing, and reclaiming the personal power that is your birthright from the Elder Kin, you become strong enough to become a weapon, a tool for the Re-Awakening and the Balance.

Befriend the WightsBy making yourself known to the local land spirits you confirm your intention to learn and work with the powers of the Earth.

Become a Warder of the LandBy warding and protecting the land, we create larger and larger oases of reawakened power. We begin with the wild lands near us, whether public or private. We realize that land is never owned by an individual for it has its own spirit. It should be the goal of all to eventually hold claim to a portion of land where you can work your deep magic and honor the Elder Kin.

Weave the Silver StrandsBy creating oases of reawakened and power-full land we create links in the chain of Earth power…eventually reconnecting them at the power points.

Connect with the Elder KinBy connecting with the Elder Kin we learn what they have to teach us and honor our ancestors as well as furthering the Re-Awakening.

Explore the OtherworldsWith the help of the Elder Kin and our personal
Vörd we learn to see and interact with the worlds beyond ours and their inhabitants.

Awaken the EarthThe industrial and agricultural revolutions have done their best to destroy the deep power latent within the Earth and its inhabitants. By working in conjunction with the land spirits and our animal brothers, we can reawaken the powers of the Earth and help the Earth to heal herself…and open the gates to the Elder Kin.

Build the FiresBy connecting with the Black Root and re-discovering the ancient knowledge and the deep magic we empower ourselves to empower the Earth.

Forge Tribal BondsBy forging bonds with like-minded people we spread our influence and create more power to reawaken the Earth.

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