Sunday, January 31, 2016

Conversation with an Awakening Seer

Photo Credit: Misty Woods by Barry Chignell via Flickr 
Come. Sit by me on this mossy log. and let us talk. No, not about me--this time I want to talk about you, about the way you see things, things that most other people cannot see.

Do you see things happen, in dreams or in visions, that later unfold in this world, this reality that we all share?

Do you look at people and just know things about them? Can you hear their thoughts or feel their emotions? Is this world sometimes so noisy with other people's thoughts you can hardly stand it? Or so full of the feelings of other people you find it hard to maintain your own peace and happiness?

Do you see things other people do not seem to see? Other creatures, people, and colors? Do you hear haunting music that seems to have no source? Or do you see landscapes, entire worlds and other realities, sometimes on the edges of your vision or overlapping this reality, this world? Or are there other worlds that you can lose yourself in, complete with people and creatures or plants and rocks you can have long conversations with, by speaking or simply by thinking?

You are not crazy. And you are not alone.

You are a seer, my friend. Oh, there are many other words you can choose to call yourself, and if you find one that you like more than seer then by all means claim it for your own. Find a word that describes you and keep it, hold it, identify with it, and when you are ready, use it to describe yourself to others.

Be aware that what you are will make many people uncomfortable. Some people will ridicule you and laugh at you. You may be told you are crazy or that you are "making it up." You may be called a liar, a pretender, or other things far worse.

And it is here that I want to hug you, my friend, for I have been there and experienced all these things. And I want to tell you to be strong. You have a wonderful talent that not many people have, although more are born with it each day. You shouldn't have to deny it or hide it. You should be proud to be a seer.

But you may wish to choose the people you tell very carefully. You may wish to keep it to yourself, confiding in only a few that are close to you. Or you may want to tell many people, broadcasting your abilities widely. Again, the choice is yours. Do not be ashamed of what you are, and do not make claims that are beyond your abilities.

Most of all, learn to trust your talents. And use them! This is your gift and if it helps you to find friends or avoid danger, comfort people or find a better job, then by all means use it. You weren't given this gift to ignore it or deny it. Use your abilities to enhance your life and make it better.

 But be aware, my friend, that being a seer does not make you a witch, a shaman, a dreamwalker, or a Farer, as we call them in my tradition. There is much work and training to become one of these. Does being a seer make it easier to be a Farer or a witch? Oh, yes. It can make your training much easier. Or it can make it far more difficult, if you choose to mistake instinct and gifts for training and knowledge.

Take time to learn how to shield yourself so that other people's thoughts and emotions do not disturb your own. Learn to guard your energy so it is not drained away by others. Learn to recognize when your energy is getting low, when you have given too much to others, and retreat. Learn what replenishes your energy, what fills you up, and do it often. And learn to recognize false teachers who empty your pockets or your energy reserves and give nothing in return, and avoid them.

You are beautiful, my seer, young or old. You are amazing and gifted beyond most of your peers.You can see magical things that are hidden from those around you. You, and those like you, are the ones who can rise above the mundane and build bridges between the worlds.

You have a marvelous adventure ahead of you, if you choose to embrace it.


  1. Oh! How delightful to learn this about you.
    Thank you.

  2. Oh! How delightful to learn this about you.
    Thank you.

  3. Love love love your supporting words. Beautiful. Thank you for sharing this part if yourself with the human tribe ❤