Saturday, January 16, 2016

Dreaming the Nine Steps to Take Back the Earth

I am a dreamwalker, a Walker-Between-Worlds. Often, in the dreamtime, I receive messages or have contact with the Shaeda (spirit-people.) Sometimes the dreams are very clear and I remember them for decades, and other times I remember only the message I was given, as if it was "downloaded" while I slept.

Such was the dream, five years ago, wherin I was given the Nine Steps. I remember nothing of the dream, but I awoke and immediately scribbled down the Nine Steps. There they were, simple and complete, a gift from the Otherworlds.

Ever since then I have tried to write about the Nine Steps. Although the terminology will be familiar to those who follow the Thornish Pagan tradition, some concepts require explanation for a more general pagan audience.

More than that, the steps seem to beg for exercises...a plan, if you will, to help you complete them. And every time I try to write these exercises, I become hopelessly bogged down and frustrated.

You see, I am not one of those pagans who follows elaborate written rituals and repeats someone else's badly rhymed and metered poetry masquerading as spells. I believe that most of the "witchcraft 101" books are written to make money and gather followers, not with a genuine desire to teach people what it is to be pagan--to interact with the Shaeda and the otherworlds in the way that is most comfortable for them.

I can go on about that topic for a long time--but not right now. The problem is, every time I try writing about the Nine Steps, it feels like I am writing one of those "wicca for beginners" books that have glutted the market in the last few decades, and I quit in disgust.

The Nine Steps, however, will not rest. They demand to be written, shared, and performed. And now is the time, if any, for pagans to learn the Nine Steps...and take back the Earth.

So I have decided to share them here on the blog, and elsewhere, despite my inner objections. If I can, I will write guidelines to describe some ways the Nine Steps can be achieved. Perhaps I may, in the future, lead a series of online workshops where we can work on the Nine Steps together and share the ways we make them work.

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