Monday, May 23, 2016

The LIE Around Us...and the Thornish Way Around It

The world around us is a LIE.

It is a lie designed to keep us enslaved.

It is a lie designed to keep us forever struggling, constantly on edge, and feeling inadequate.

It is a lie designed to strip away your power.

It is a lie designed to make you believe that everything is scarce, to force you into competition with everyone else because THEY know if we work together we can overthrow the system.

There are more of us than there are overseers to imprison us.

But what is the answer? How do we escape? How do we escape the hamster wheel?

The answer is TRIBE.

Tribe. Community. Whatever word you choose to use for like-minded folks working together.

Once you recognize the LIE for what it is, you begin to awaken to other realities. Once you have seen the other realities, and the man-behind-the-curtain truth of our current mundane world, you can never look back to the innocence of days when you did not know.

Once you have seen through the lie, you begin to realize how so many people are simply hollow-eyed herdlings, following the rules, doing what they are told, dancing to the whims of those in power. They become distracted by the bread and circuses, by the Trumps and the sports teams and the Kardashians and high fashion and Game of Thrones and whatever else is being dangled before them as the Popular and Important Thing of the day.

We of the Thornwood cannot afford to be distracted by these things. We need to look beyond, to look forward, to look sideways, to find coyote-paths around the obstacles in front of us. Ours is a way of Balance, of strength, of knowing-beyond-knowing. Of gathering and waiting, of watching and exploring.

The Thornish Path is a way of patience, of knowing when to speak and when to play the Charade. It is not the way of the ox, plowing forward, disregarding all discretion. The Thornish Way is the way of the coyote and the raven. We seek the way over, under, around, and hiding in plain sight.

The time is now. Awaken to the LIE. See it for what it is. Once you see beyond the lie, you will begin to see the ones standing in the shadows, watching and waiting...

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