Sunday, April 10, 2016

Be a Midwife for Change (or a Doula)

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I think the world needs more midwives. Not just the kind that bring forth babies, but the kind that help to birth change in the world. An idea-midwife, a change-midwife. That will ease the world into the best position to bring forth change, and aren’t afraid to get their hands in there and manipulate the pressing-down head of change. Alongside them will be change-doulas, who will hold the Earth’s legs and cradle Her gently and remind everyone that is a part of Earth that they can do this! That it is always the most difficult part right before the change is born. That the terrorists and the crazy candidates and suicide bombings are all just contractions, just waves pushing positive change forward. The waves must be ridden, tamed, survived and used to propel that change-baby forward.

And at last change will crown, and it will be the most painful stage of all. And the change-midwife will be there right in the thick of it, hands covered in blood and the fluid of birth, catching the change-idea, making sure it is still breathing, that it survived its long difficult passage into existence. Maybe she will need to resuscitate it, breathe more life into its lungs, caress it briskly, or even use her hands to restart its heart.

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And then the change-baby will take its first  crying breath in this world. The change-midwife can then place the change-idea back on the breast of the Earth, handing it back to the millions of souls who birthed it so that now they can nourish it and bring it into existence in their own lives. And everyone smiles, and laughs in delight, and cries a little bit, or a lot, at the labor they have gone through and the change they have birthed.

So be a midwife of change, bringing new ideas and change into the world. Be a doula, encouraging and helping others when they are in the throes of change. And when you yourself are laboring to bring forth change, know that there is no shame in asking for help, asking for a doula to sit beside you and hold your hand, or a midwife to help pull the idea or change into this world.

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