Sunday, May 29, 2016

Age of Invisibility

Something's Missing by Allison Rose
I have entered the age of invisibility. Having passed my shiny hair and perky boobs, Cosmo-girl days, and then my young-mother days, I've moved into the graying-hair and carrying a few extra pounds days.

With it comes a cloak of invisibility. People literally no longer see me on the sidewalk or waiting in line at a store. People no longer speak to me in that flirty, warm way they have when they are trying to "get to know you."

Oh, there is one exception to the cloak of invisibility--people who are lost and need directions. To them I must exude a friendly librarian "safe" vibe that says I won't rob them or send them off into a bad neighborhood.

Instead of lamenting this change in my appearance, I'm trying to appreciate it. To cultivate it. To use it to my advantage. If I appear safe and non-threatening to everyone, this makes blending into the background much easier. It makes acting the Charade much easier. If you are unnoticed then you are free to work your magic, for the most part, because few people will suspect you of being the creator of changes around you.

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