Friday, March 24, 2017

Rebellious Act #2: Take a walk outside

Yup. Get off the couch. Stuff your phone in your pocket. Go outside and take a walk, even if it's only around the block. Pay attention to what is around you, not just what is on the screen.

Even better, get really far outside. Into the green spaces. Take a walk in the woods. Dip your toes in a creek. Sit beside a river. Take half an hour or more and absorb the spirit of wild places.

Bonus Rebel Points if you:
  • talk to your neighbors
  • walk a dog
  • hike
  • take a child with you
  • sprinkle wildflower seeds
  • leave offerings
The Powers That Be want you to be an unhappy drone who spends all day obsessively checking your phone and wondering what all those famous people are doing and thinking and buying. Be a Rebel. Fill your mind with the sights and sounds and energy of the outdoors. Speak to the birds and the animals and the trees. Be a little strange. You'll be different from the herd.

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