Saturday, November 19, 2016

Harrownight Thoughts

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The Rekindling has begun.

On October 31st 1958 six men, all members of the Black Talon Society, stood beside a fire in northern British Columbia, Canada. Here they laid the framework for what would become known as the Thornish pagan tradition. They celebrated the creation of the first Thornish lodge, called the Raven Lodge after the tribal name of one of its founders. The older lodges of the Black Talon Society were fading away, their members choosing to step back into the secrecy of the woods from whence they came.

Raven chose to take his lodge forward, selectively recruiting new members, sharing the knowledge of the Thornwood, forging human weapons to work for the sacred Balance. Many strong Masters were made during this golden age of the Thornwood, the ones whose names are passed down with their teachings, names still honored around Thornish fires.

But the members of the Raven Lodge knew that this golden age would not last. They had seen that the Thornish tradition would begin to fade from sight, carried by only a few remaining Thornsmen and Thornswomen. They also foresaw times ahead that would find many people returning to their pagan roots, world-changing times. They saw a world that would need those who are willing to work to return Balance to the world.

The Thornish Masters that remained sensed the changing of the winds and the approach of the coming storm. Meeting in Council, as they had not done in many years, they decided to create a new lodge and step forward as they had never done before and share some of their teachings.

Photo by Jack Wolf
On October 31st 2016, Harrownight, Thornish Masters marked the Rekindling of the Thornish tradition.

I made many offerings that night. Standing by the sea, in the glow of the fire, I spoke with my ancestors, both of blood and of the Thornwood. I called to those who will join us at the Harrownight fire in years to come.

We spent many hours talking of the future of the Thornish tradition and the storms that even now rock the foundations of the outer world as we know it.

Swords and spears are forged with heat and hammering. Shar--as Thornish initiates are called--are forged by trials and ordeals and tribal bonds. Challenging times, rough times--these tap into the deep vein of Bloodfire and bring forth those who are strong, who see through the Lies, who welcome the chance to restore Balance.

We are Shar. We were forged for times like these. And now we begin to build new tribal fires from the embers of the old.

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If you would like to learn more about the Thornish pagan tradition, this blog and Jack's blog are a good place to start. Jack's new book The Thornish Path is available from Mandrake of Oxford  or and many other booksellers.

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